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2011 GA trip day 9 - 9/24/2011

Saturday morning we got up early (even Renee! Holy crap!) and headed downstairs for breakfast at the hotel. Easily the best hotel breakfast we’ve ever had, and it was free. It was no continental… waffles, French toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, muffins, potato pancakes, lots of toppings for everything… just about anything you’d want for breakfast. Hotel breakfasts are kind of spotty for me because I can’t eat just carbs but this one was awesome.

Since our plan was to head to the beach and then eventually head up towards Atlanta, we checked with the front desk and were able to add a half a day to our stay. That way we’d be able to go back and shower and pack things up before heading out.

We loaded up in Renee’s truck and made our way to Jacksonville Beach, which had free parking, unlike Tybee. And a beautiful beach! Becky and I went to change in to our suits while Renee and Wes grabbed us some shade near the pier.


The sand was soft and white, and there was a big surfing competition going on. I wasn’t sure of the etiquette of swimming near the surfers but the area wasn’t blocked off, and there were two sets of waves so we just swam in the inner waves and they were surfing further out. Wes and Trev went a little further out and had a close call with a surfer a couple of times, but it was all good. Before we headed back in Trev got cold, and Becky nicely gave him her rash guard shirt (which is also sun protection). We rested for a while with some snacks, then went back out for round two, where unfortunately Becky forgot her swim shirt and ended up super burned on her back and shoulders. She made it through a whole week at the beach with no burns until the last damn day.

Trev building a sand something

A storm rolled in and we got out of the water just in time, and went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for a late lunch. We weren’t planning on a late lunch, but Renee is such a girl and it took her forever to get ready. We’d been telling Renee about the queso verde potato nachos thing at Buffalo's, so we went there again. We shared the queso verde nachos with everyone and we devoured it. Becky had fajitas (just ok) and I had the cheesesteak again, but this time in wrap form which was even better. Everyone loved their food, but Trev had to send his steak back, though, because he ordered it rare and it came medium well at BEST, possibly even well.

Renee taught me how to drive, but I don’t remember her being insane or having so much road rage. Trev and Wes slept through it while Becky and I were holding hands in the back, and not just cause we kinda like each other. Hee! But we made it back after an impromptu stop at Good Will, where Renee got a few outfits for her new job.

Eventually she found what she needed and we went back to hotel again to chill and pack. Becky very sweetly offered to pack while Trev and I took a cruise in the Mustang and he was pretty impressed. He kept saying, “Is there ANYTHING this car can’t do?”

Goodbye is never easy but we seem to almost see Trev more now that he lives 1500 miles away than we did when he lived half an hour away. We had our normal teary-but-short see-ya-laters and headed out in the Mustang, while Renee drove her truck alone and Trev rode behind Wes on the Harley.

We were hoping to get as close to Atlanta as possible, before stopping for the night and were once again on the look-out for a Zaxby’s, but couldn’t find one. We also just weren't hungry after lunch, but finally forced ourselves to stop and eat around 8:30 so I could take my shot. We settled on a Waffle House. Becky had a cheese steak sandwich and loved it; I had breakfast including a waffle which we shared. I am nearly incapable of going to a Waffle House and not getting a Waffle.

After dinner we kept driving and made it to Cordele, GA which is a cute little town with a crappy Comfort Inn which is right next to a loud train track. We weren’t worried about the train because we sleep with white noise every night anyway. Unfortunately, the hotel itself was not so comfortable. It was kind of trashy and smelly, but the room was clean….ish. No, it wasn’t, Becky found someone else’s hair on the side of the shower the next morning. Becky was in so much pain from the sunburn that I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, but she got some rest. I had a fretful night of sleep, because I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that I’d forgotten to check for bed bugs. I was also worrying about Becky and I just never really got back to sleep. Fortunately there were no bugs!


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