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2011 GA trip day 8 - 9/23/2011

Friday morning was our last in Tybee, so we took a walk on the beach and looked for shells for a little while then headed to the Breakfast Club. It was fairly slow so we grabbed a couple of stools at the counter again and enjoyed the show. After breakfast we headed back to finish packing, rest up a bit and hit the road with the top down. That lasted about 5 minutes before we stopped to put it up because it was too hot out!

Becky had been craving Zaxby’s wings, so we looked for one for lunch but never came across it. We decided Steak ‘n Shake would be a suitable substitute but it really wasn’t awesome, which was sad. Of course, once we got back on the road we saw a Zaxby’s about 10 miles ahead. Figures!

As we headed in to Jacksonville on I95 we saw an amazing storm out towards the ocean. Then we came upon the Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville, which was so high my ears popped as we drove across it.

Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville

We quickly found the hotel and checked in, and they gave us a goody bag with a few small candy bars and a bottle of water. When we booked the hotel and it said it was two queens and a sofa bed we figured it’d be like a normal hotel room with a separate bedroom. When we walked in, we saw a room the size of a normal hotel room which had a full kitchen with a dining room table for four, a sofa bed, fireplace, and huge TV. Then there were two full bedrooms each with their own bathrooms and huge TVs. Perfect! Trev got the whole living room area to himself and he enjoyed it. The hotel also had amazing customer service. About 15 minutes after we got in the room the phone rang, and it was the front desk just wanting to make sure we made it to the room ok and see if we needed anything. I mentioned that we had another person joining us but that he wouldn’t be there until late, and asked if he’d be able to get in to the building our room was in. She asked for his name and left a key at the front desk for him.

Renee and Trevor made it to town in record time, and we headed to dinner at Whiskey River (http://thewhiskyriver.com/jacksonville/), a BBQ joint where the servers’ uniforms made the Hooters servers look Amish. Trev enjoyed the scenery, and the food was all awesome. Renee, Becky and I all ordered BBQ platters (the brisket was amazing) and Trevor went for some super-hot wings. The server warned him that they are REALLY hot, and he went for it (with Renee agreeing he could probably handle it). He made it through maybe two wings before moving on to Renee’s leftovers, but he tried.

When we got back to the hotel we headed down to the pool, which felt almost tropical to me and Becky got in right away, so I KNOW it wasn’t cold. But Renee wouldn’t touch it and Trevor turned blue, so we hit the hot tub instead. We stayed there until a creepy dude came in and kept butting in to our conversation. Trev wanted to go shoot some hoops, so we went to watch him and the dude was sad and apologized for running us out. Being Minnesotan, we assured him it wasn’t him.


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