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2011 GA trip day 7 - 9/22/2011

Thursday we intended to hit the Breakfast Club again, but there was another line so we went to Sunrise instead. There wasn’t a buffet, but the food was all very good. We decided to drive back in to Savannah with the top down and go take a horse-drawn carriage ride. Our carriage was pulled by Rowdy, who has been working with their company for so long he gets his break during the hot summer months and he’d just come back in to service. It was a 50-minute tour with Jenny, who was very punny and found herself very amusing. We did, too, for the most part, but there were some groans from a few particularly bad puns. Good tour.


At one point we came around a corner towards one of Savannah’s many square parks, and Jenny got super excited and said, “Y’ALL, look! Resurrection ferns!” She told us about how these plants lay dormant on the tree branches until there is enough rain to bring them back to life, and on a hot day like this was, they’d probably be shriveled up by dark. They can stay dormant for up to 100 years and if they get enough water they’ll come back.

Resurrection ferns in Savannah

During the tour we saw a pub called Molly MacPherson's (http://www.macphersonspub.com) so we headed there for lunch. It was an adorable Scottish place and Becky ordered the Molly's Favorite sandwich, which was turkey with thin apple slices, cheddar, and maple butter. I had the Sheppard's pie and was only able to eat about half of it. It was all very good and the server was awesome, telling us about other things to do in Savannah.

After lunch we decided to ditch the car and walk down to River Street, figuring we’d explore down there and take the free Dot (http://www.connectonthedot.com) transportation back later. As we got down there, a woman tossed us a couple of roses made from palm fronds.

Roses from palm fronds

There are three options for the Dot shuttles… they have a bus that goes around to a bunch of stops around Savannah, a street car that goes up and down the river area along six stops, and then a ferry that takes you to two stops on the Savannah side, and one stop across the river to Hutchinson Island. We never ended up taking the ferry but we’ll have to try that out next time.

We did some shopping in the shops on River Street and then hopped the street car to go down to where the Dolphin tour (http://reelemn.com/dolphinmagic/) started. There were the most annoying bugs flying everywhere… they appeared to fly in pairs and would have no problem dive-bombing our heads, especially Becky’s. They reminded us of box elder bugs in the way they fly. I asked the guy at the Dolphin tour stand what they were and he said they’re love bugs, and they fly butt-to-butt. I don’t really have anything else to say about them.

We waited a while and then boarded the boat to go look for dolphins. It turned out the guy who taught us about love bugs was the first mate, and he looked a lot like Wil Wheaton, and we’re pretty sure he was on cocaine because he was prone to sniffing incessantly and yelling WOOOO at odd times.

Dolphin tour

He showed us a prehistoric shark tooth that was found on an island where they dump the stuff they drag out of the river (the river has to be at least 46 feet deep for some of the larger ships to get through). They figure the shark was probably 50 feet long.

There was a sign up that said the first mate worked only for tips, so it’s possible he was just trying to get a better tip, but it sort of creeped us out. Still, he was mildly entertaining and had a lot of good information about the Savannah River and the area and, of course, the dolphins. The only problem was he’d point something out and then say he’d tell us about it later. We had been excited to go on the tour because it was supposed to go out to Tybee, and we knew that would take us past Fort Pulaski again and we looked forward to seeing it from the water, but he said the conditions in Tybee weren’t awesome for dolphin seeing so we were headed to South Carolina, instead, to Daufuskie Island.

Dolphin tour

One lady on the boat saw a dolphin just as we were leaving Savannah and everyone squealed and we kept going, but later the first mate said we should have stopped and watched that one because we found nothing at Daufuskie at all. I felt for the guy, probably thinking his tips were going to be non-existent, but it obviously wasn’t his fault. Fortunately for him, we did find one small dolphin on the way back to Savannah, and he was willing to play with us for a little while, which was fun.

Dolphin tour

After the dolphin boat we decided to go get the car so we waited for a DOT shuttle. We stopped at the information building next to the bus stop to go to the bathroom, but it was being cleaned and wouldn’t be available for 15-20 minutes. The shuttle was supposed to be by in about 10, so we waited. And waited, and waited. And it was very late! But we were afraid to go to the information building restroom, lest the shuttle show up and then we’d have to wait again, so we kept waiting. It finally showed up after about 40 minutes and we rode back to our car, and then set off looking for more bathrooms. We walked all around the City Market area but found no public bathrooms. Earlier we’d seen a public bathroom down on the end of River Street near the craft vendors so we parked near there (River Street parking is free after 5 p.m.) and headed over only to find that the bathrooms were closed now. We asked a couple of businesses and they not only had no public bathrooms, and didn’t know where any were, they acted like it was the first time anyone had ever asked for one! Where the hell do people pee in Savannah? We knew there was one in the information booth but it was blocks away and by that time, we both had to go way too bad to wait, so we went and sat at the bar at One Eyed Lizzy’s, ordered an artichoke and crab dip and some beverages, and used theirs. The crab dip was awesome… we’ll have to go back there next time. There are tables upstairs that are outside, each on a small balcony that you get to yourself and it overlooks the river walk.

Becky had wanted to stop in to the Savannah Candy Kitchen (http://www.savannahcandy.com/) near City Market, but we knew there was another one on River Street so we headed that way. We sampled some awesome pralines and bought a gift box that had pralines, turtles, and divinity in it to bring home and share with her family. Then we hobbled back to the car (granite cobblestones require concentration!) and headed back to the hotel to chill.

For our last dinner on Tybee we decided to go to the first place we went to last time… MacElwee's (http://macelweesontybee.com/). They were fairly busy and we only saw two servers, who explained that they were swamped and we were welcome to sit down but it would be 15-20 minutes before they could get to us. They were quite frantically trying to keep up with the few big parties, so we sat down and grabbed a couple of menus. While we were reading the menu we overheard one of the women (we think she may have been an owner or at least manager) tell someone the third server who was supposed to be there had been in a bad accident and wasn’t able to make it in. We figured it would be a while before we got our dinners, so we ordered a crab dip to start. It was tasty but there were too many peppers in it for my taste, and not nearly enough actual crab. Becky had ordered the scallops and I, of course, got more crab legs. They came fairly quickly and we weren’t even done with the dip yet. But then we decided to get dessert, too, because their special that night was fried strawberries and Becky was intrigued. I had the key lime pie and it was awesome. As it turns out, fried strawberries means they dip whole strawberries in doughnut batter and deep fry it, then roll it in cinnamon and sugar and serve with whipped cream. Both desserts totally made up for the crab dip and the long wait.

Fried strawberries

We went back to the hotel and started packing for the next day, just figuring out how best to pack to avoid having to bring everything up to the hotel in Jacksonville the next night.


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