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2011 GA trip day 6 - 9/21/2011

Wednesday we had breakfast at the hotel again, and then headed in to Savannah for the day. We went for a trolley tour first, which was fun. Savannah is so old and there’s so much history, which we both enjoy a lot. The way the tour works is you go all the way around first, then you can take their shuttle to any of their stops and call them to be picked up when you want. We weren’t all that interested in walking around the historic sites though and we wanted to do a dolphin tour, so we headed back to the car. Unfortunately, we were a little too late for the dolphin tour so we decided to just grab lunch and head back to the island.

Our tour guide

For lunch Becky really wanted to try the Pirate’s House (http://www.thepirateshouse.com/). We’d heard about it before, but the tour went by and we found out it was an actual pirate hangout during the 1700s and within the restaurant is a house built in 1732, which is believed to be the oldest house in GA. The restaurant has something like 15 separate dining rooms and they all look different. There are stairs down to tunnels under Savannah, and lots of pirate memorabilia throughout. The food was ok. I had a cup of their She Crab soup (was good, but not as good as the Crab Shack) and the buffet, which included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, collard greens, etc… typical southern fare. Becky had a crab melt sandwich, I think. After dinner we explored the rest of the restaurant and headed upstairs to the shop where Becky picked up a couple of t-shirts.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to go swimming again. I wore my crocs this time, figuring that they’ll still fill with sand but at least I’ll be able to get them back on faster each time I rinse them out. Bad move! The tide was going out, and the surf was filled with broken shells. So my shoes didn’t just fill with sand, they filled with shell shards. Plus the water dropped off several feet shortly after walking in, and I just flat out got freaked. I have only been in the ocean a few times, and I worried about being able to help Becky if something happened with her (she can swim, but doesn’t consider herself a strong swimmer at all). I sunk down into the shells with every wave, and when I tried to take a step, my shoes fell off. It was apparently quite comical for Becky watching me try to catch it… the shoe went back and forth away from and past me about five times before I caught it. If I took them off, the shells just hurt anyway. Becky bravely walked out further than I did, and got a face-full of sea water for her efforts. We left the water and just walked down the beach for a bit, instead. We saw a horseshoe crab (shell only, which we know thanks to the gentleman who saw fit to POKE IT WITH A STICK) and also a jellyfish which had very recently washed ashore. We know it was recent because it wasn't there when we walked by 15 minutes earlier and also because it still looked pretty wet. It was fascinating but I felt bad because it was moving slightly on the inside and I didn't know if it was living (suffering) or not.


But then we looked up and saw dolphins swimming by! That was one of the reasons we went back to Tybee, we loved seeing them while we were swimming last time and they didn’t disappoint again this time.

For dinner, we decided to go back to the Crab Shack. So good. I got crab legs and forgot that I wanted more of their crab soup, but the crab legs were awesome. Becky got crab and shrimp. Something we didn’t notice the first time we at there is that they only music playing at the restaurant is Jimmy Buffet. It was funny, but I imagine it gets old for the people who work there. The cats we saw wandering around the store last time were wandering the outside dining area this time, and they love crab and shrimp. We made friends with one in particular who was very friendly. It was a beautiful night, so we drove around the island with the top down. We really, really enjoyed that car. We got a lot of comments from people on the car, too, which was fun.


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