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2011 GA trip day 5 - 9/20/2011

Tuesday morning it was raining a LOT. We had breakfast at the hotel, which was just cold cereal and yogurt, etc. We chilled in our room for the morning and then decided on lunch at the aforementioned Coco's Sunset Grille (http://www.cocossunsetgrille.com), formerly Cafe Loco. Becky ordered a Shrimp po’ boy, and I went with a half order of fried shrimp and crab stew. The shrimp were a bit overcooked, and some weren't cleaned very well. The crab stew was much better at the Crab Shack. Their fries were very good, but I don’t like to eat a lot of fries, so we probably won’t go back there.

After lunch we headed back to Pulaski for further lookin’. We joined a walking tour and for the first time saw the damage still present on the other side. It was very chilling… there are still shells lodged in the walls. While the guide was walking away he warned us to watch out for… something. We didn’t quite hear what he said, and were too Minnesotan to interrupt him and ask, so we listened to the next section of the talk but we were pretty distracted. I spent the next ten minute expecting to be bitten by a snake or something, but it turns out he was talking about fire ants. I may or may not have been halfway stung by one (I had an itchy place with two tiny spots on my foot for a week), but we did pretty well there. We took a ton of pictures while the ranger regaled us with the story of the battle.

Afterwards we sat in on the musket-firing demonstration again, because this time it was Confederate stories.

On our way out we decided to buy a National Parks Passport and the female Ranger who sold it to us was the same who had checked our entry pass when we came in. She said, "You ladies look like you're having so much fun! I saw you driving in with the top down just smiling like crazy!" That made our day.

For dinner we ordered in from Lighthouse Pizza. I had BBQ ribs and wings, and Becky had a calzone that was about the size of her head.


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