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2011 GA trip day 4 - 9/19/2011

Monday morning we were intent on getting in to the Breakfast Club, so we got up a little early. There was no line, but it was fairly packed. Fortunately there were two seats open at the counter, which was awesome. They have a great machine going there so it was almost like a show. Then one of the cooks walked by and asked how we enjoyed our ice cream! It was the guy from the Sugar Shack the night before. I ordered the chicken fried steak, only to find it was HUGE, and it also came with eggs and hash browns. It was really good, but I could only eat about a third of it. Becky had a PMS omelet which was Parmesan, mushrooms, and spinach and came with grits and toast. I cannot abide grits, but she sometimes likes a bite or two. Their food is always awesome and it was great to see them cook.

After breakfast we walked around on the beach near the pier pavilion for a while, and then picked up a couple of t-shirts at a store. We still had some time left on our parking pass, so we drove down to the south beach to explore and watched some kayakers struggle to get out past the surf. They gave up after a short time and our time was up so we headed back to the hotel because the weather was a little crappy.

We just had snacks at the hotel for lunch, but after the weather cleared up and we hit the beach to go swimming. I’d brought my contacts which I never wear and was shocked to be able to get them in without any issues. I could only wear them for a couple of hours, but that was enough because we had a bit of a rough time at the beach. It was high tide and our water socks filled up with sand FAST, and I had a hard time taking them off to rinse them out and getting them back on, so we just hung out for a bit and headed back in.

River House Seafood

Later we headed in to Savannah with Becky driving for the first time, so she finally understood why I’d been having so much fun. Sadly, it started to rain so we had to put the top up after a few minutes. We’d decided to go to River House Seafood (http://www.riverhouseseafood.com/) for dinner. The GPS was a little confused trying to get us down to River Street but we got there to find granite cobblestones get quite slippery when it’s raining. We immediately fell in love with the restaurant (Becky especially loved the décor of thick brick walls, and brick cobblestone floors) and I ordered the Dungeness crabs, while Becky decided on scallops Oscar. They also served Sourdough bread with a blue cheese spread, and tableside Caesar’s salad. I’m really not a Caesar’s fan, but that salad was awesome. Becky also ordered a Chatham Artillery Punch, which was originally a light cocktail, but over the years officers added this and that until it became what it is now, which really packs a punch. It’s wine, rum, gin, Benedictine, Maraschino cherries, rye, tea, brown sugar, orange juice, and lemon juice. It was very tasty! The food was amazing and rather than the two clusters of Dungeness I was supposed to get, I got a huge pile of single pieces. Fine by me! They probably gave me three times as much as I’d have gotten otherwise and I was happy.

Artillery Punch at River House

Artillery Punch at River House


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