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2011 GA trip day 2 - 9/17/2011

We’d set the alarm for 7 a.m. since we were hoping to meet Desiree and her family at 8 at the Egg Harbor Café (http://eggharborcafe.com) near Alpharetta. When it went off, Becky swore at the alarm clock in a most unladylike manner. But we got out the door fairly quickly and I had a chance to drive the Mustang in the light, which was a totally different ballgame. I want one of these.

Des’s son Alex had suggested the restaurant, and we were grateful to him! It was amazing. I ordered the Barrington (traditional) Benedict, but the server was new and misheard, so she brought a Bavarian Benedict instead. Luckily, she was able to replace it fairly quickly. I would have probably liked it, but was really craving the hollandaise sauce and the Bavarian is actually potato pancakes with eggs, bacon, jack and cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Lack of hollandaise on Eggs Benedict makes me SAD. Also, don’t try to pretend “cheese sauce” is hollandaise. Becky ordered the Cassie’s Crepes, which is pretty much the perfect breakfast for her. It was two crepes filled with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheese, and avocado.

After breakfast we all headed to Alex’s soccer game where he played his heart out while we visited with Desiree, Alex’s dad Cary, and Cary’s family. I’d met them when I lived in Macon but hadn’t seen them since Des & Cary’s wedding at least 12 years ago. They all seemed to remember me and were very sweet. Becky later said she loves hanging out with me and Desiree because it seems like we just pick up the last conversation we had, no matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other. That’s not surprising since we’ve known each other since Kindergarten; it was very sweet to hear!

Desiree and Alex

We hit the road towards Macon and somewhere along I75 Becky noticed a trailer full of BEES! There was a tarp over the top, but close to the trailer bed you could see it was bee hives and there were bees everywhere in and out of the hives. I had passed the truck by the time she realized what she'd seen and I sort of wanted to slow down and see it for myself, but she was so grossed out I just kept going. As we got closer to Macon I started thinking about lunch and remembered a restaurant my ex and I used to go to when we lived there with the best cheese dip ever. I thought it was called Gorilla’s or something, so I had Becky searching the GPS when we passed a billboard for a place called Buffalo’s Southwest Café (http://www.buffaloscafe.com) and I remembered that was it. Good timing, because it was only two exits away! They still had the appetizer I remembered… homemade potato chips covered in their queso verde sauce, shredded cheese, and sour cream. It’s a good thing they don’t have any restaurants in MN because I really don’t need to have this very often. Becky ordered a small shrimp lunch and I got a Santa Fe cheese steak sandwich which came with more of the queso verde. We noticed a bottle of their Vidalia Onion Sauce on the table and after trying it (on the shrimp, the fries, my sandwich, our fingers… pretty much anything we could think of) we asked the waitress if we could buy a bottle. Fortunately we could, and now I can’t wait to make something to use it at home.

After lunch we drove around Macon and I showed Becky one of the warehouses I used to work at… I’ve mentioned stories about the troubles some truck drivers had getting in to the dock area so it was cool to show her what I meant. It looks like that warehouse isn’t being used anymore, though, which was sad, though not surprising. It’s in a pretty rough area of town, and they have a much newer warehouse just south of Macon. I also showed Becky Central City Park where we used to have Pride. When my ex and I lived there we were active with Macon Pride, which put on a very small festival in that park every year. It was tiny, but I’m proud of the work we did there. I wish we’d had more time so we could have stopped and seen some friends I still have there, but we were in a hurry to get to the beach.

We drove straight through the rest of the way to Savannah and marveled at how beautiful the tree-lined streets are, but kept on heading towards Tybee. We checked in at the Desoto Beach Hotel (http://desotobeachhotel.com) and found we were in the room next to where we were last time. It was nice because while it was still only a partial view, it was a different partial view than last time. We walked down to the beach to say hi to the ocean before heading to dinner and it was as peaceful as last time. We love going to the beach in September because the water (and the weather, for the most part) is still awesome but there are much fewer people around.


For dinner we hit Sting Ray's Seafood (http://stingraysontybee.com). Becky ordered fried scallops, which tasted awesome but some were slightly sandy. I kicked off the first couple of pounds of what was eventually probably over 15 pounds of crab consumed during the week. Combined with two pieces of key lime, the total was still only $44. We adore Tybee. The restaurant had live music and we were originally seated right in front of him, but were asked to move so a hearing-impaired woman could hear the music better. We were happy to move away from the music and closer to the street, complete with people watching. Perfect!


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