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2011 GA trip day 1 - 9/16/2011

Our flight to GA was.. ok. There was a gate change but we had plenty of time because I am so insistent on being there EARLY. A gentleman who would be on the flight with us apparently does not take the same approach, since he stood at the new gate berating the attendant because “no one told him the gate had changed”. We heard it in an announcement over the loud speaker, and saw it on every display between the F and C concourses, so I’m not sure how he missed it.

We landed safely in Atlanta and took the shuttle to the rental car area, then headed to Budget’s FastBreak counter. Since they had no cars waiting and ready for FastBreak (that happens often with them) we were asked, “Do you want a Mustang convertible?” Does anyone ever say no to that?


We were slightly concerned that our luggage wouldn’t fit since we had two large suitcases, two small ones, plus my laptop bag, but we got them in there and were off. It was actually a difficult learning curve getting used to driving it. The seats are so low, and the hood is so high, I had trouble seeing at first. It probably would have been fine in the daylight, or if we hadn’t hit major construction traffic immediately after leaving the airport, but it was a stressful drive to the hotel that night.

We decided to drive almost all the way up to Alpharetta where Desiree lives so we could sleep in a little before our breakfast plans in the morning, so we stopped in Roswell at almost 1. There was a LaQuinta and a Holiday Inn Express on the exit. I called the LQ for a quote, but they only had a double bed available for $60. I asked the HIE if they could match it since we were only going to be there for about 8 hours, and the clerk apologized and said, “I’m sorry, our hotel is a lot nicer than a La Quinta.” I agreed and said to go ahead and book it, and then he changed his mind and gave us the LQ rate! That was very nice. Also? That was the best hotel bed we’ve ever slept in, which was awesome since we were half-dead.


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