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This is a GOOD DAY!

I present to you the following evidence:

  • I’m still waiting on my editing class grade, but my microeconomics one came in this morning and was a B-. I was hoping and praying for a C-, so this would be better.
  • I have the day off because I’m packing. Well, mostly. I’m checking emails and available by cell and had a few hours worth of stuff to do.
  • I’m packing because I’m going to North Carolina this evening.
  • I’m going to North Carolina this evening to see my very good friend Laura! She’s visited me several times in the last few years, but though we’ve been friends almost twelve years, I’ve never been down there. We’re going horseback riding, getting her daughter ready and sent off to her first prom, and hanging out with some of her friends. I. can. not. wait.

Yesterday was a good day, too!

  • I got a lot done at work.
  • I got to see my cousin Angie.
  • I had a good talk with Katie.
  • I went to dinner at Pi with M, Melanie and Eric, and Wendy joined us later just in time to kick my ass at pool. Twice. Pi was PACKED because of Dining for Life, which was awesome.

And now, I have a conference call to attend and then I finish packing and get ready to head to the airport.

Oh, and also... my friend Desiree asked me to help her son with his Flat Stanley project. My sister and I spent the day being a tourist in Minneapolis, then took him to a Twins game. You can see pictures of Flat Stanley's adventure here. I may make a separate post later talking about the process, but we'll see!


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