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Such an awesome weekend.

It’s been a long day. My alarm went off at 4 and I was dressed by 4:07. I got to the airport in plenty of time to find that the terror alert was at the orange level. Apparently, it was orange on Friday as well, but the Minneapolis airport did not find it necessary to tell me!

After two gate/plane changes, I got in to Durham an hour or so late. Laura picked me up but we were both exhausted so I just checked into my hotel and said goodnight. Early the next morning, we hit Waffle House for breakfast. Ironically, we had to change tables twice before we could order! Apparently I was not destined to be able to sit still for that 24 hour period.

Waffle House Casa de Waffle picante sauce

It was not my best Waffle House meal, but it was good company! And it brought back good memories. I miss the Waffle House. Though, I was excited about how fast the order came out until I realized they achieved that by not cooking my eggs remotely long enough.

After breakfast we had a couple of hours of drama while we tried to locate Laura’s daughter, and once we found her, it was time to get her ready for prom. Her son Jason wowed me with his card tricks while Laura and her sister did Jess’ hair and makeup and pinned her into her dress. Then it was off to take pictures, where I was designated the person who had to say where the best shots would be. My sister is the photographer, not I! But we got some great shots.

After we finished the prom stuff, Laura and I picked up her friend Lainie and we headed to a seafood place where we had, among other things, THE BEST calamari evar. It’s kind of unnatural how much I’ve thought of it since then. That wasn’t even my dinner… I ordered prime rib and a side of crab legs, but the waitress thought I wanted a whole order of crab legs. Who orders an 8 ounce prime rib and two pounds of crab legs for one dinner? Fortunately, Lainie helped me eat them. It was tough work, but we muddled through.

Sunday was the horsie and driving day. From the hotel to where Cowboy (Laura's horse) lives to make sure he was out, then to Lainie’s to pick her up and go see the baby horse (where we got the bad news that she probably wouldn’t make it), then back to Lainie’s to get the horse trailer, back to where Cowboy lives to get him, back to Lainie’s to get the horses ready for the ride*.

After the ride, we took Cowboy home and headed to Laura’s parents’ house for dinner. It was loud and rowdy and lots of fun. Her parents were adorable and her daddy called me “Sug.”

It was an awesome trip and I can’t wait to go back!

*I did well on the ride! I rode Lainie's horse Peanut. Up on the first try, and though I was nervous to start (I’d forgotten how damned far up you are on a horse!) I got comfortable quickly and didn’t whine or squeal, even when she took off in a short trot. I hope it’s not another 20 years before I ride again!

Cowboy and me
Peanut and me
Pretty pretty peanut
Cowboy's closeup

There are a few more North Carolina pics here.


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