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Here we go! My name is Desi, and I live in a suburb of Minneapolis with my younger sister, Sha. I was born in December of ‘74, which makes me 32 and a Capricorn.

I work for an IT consulting firm and I love my job. It’s been a long road to get here. When I started in 2000 I was the lowest level support person (of three). Within a year of starting, the company endured a reduction in force (RIF) and I took over sole support of the Minneapolis office. Another RIF a year later and I started supporting our St. Louis office remotely. In February of 2007 I moved into a team lead role and I find it all fascinating.

The last few years have been busy. I’ve been going to school part time, working on a bachelor’s in Management Information Systems (to learn how to do what I’ve been doing for the last seven years!) and Technical Communication. It’s fun and rewarding and I love it, but it does make me tired.

My parents are Phyllis and Dale. I have and older sister, Sheila, and three younger siblings: brother Ryan, sister Sha, and brother Kevin. Sheila is married to Tim, and they have two sons, Vince (11) and Mitchel (8), who I adore. They play a lot of sports and I love to watch them. Ryan has two boys, too, Tim (13) and Trevor (9). They live in Wisconsin with their mother and I don't see them nearly often enough.

I’ve moved around a lot, mostly in the Minneapolis area. I grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota, and then lived in Macon, Georgia for two years. I moved back to Minnesota in 2000, and have since lived in St Louis Park, Shoreview, and now Coon Rapids. I spend a lot of time in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and I consider it my second home.

Non-spam emails are encouraged: desi at fifteenthirty dot net.


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